Web Services

Custom Coding

Our team of developers are available to assist or build applications as well as websites in various languages.  Our Specialties lie in Joomla and WordPress site development but also code in PHP, .NET, C++, and ASP.

Database Administration

If you have an existing database or you are implementing a new data base and need assistance in administrating it, we can help.  Our knowledgeable and informative staff would be happy to assist in any manner possible.

Database Design

A databases is a collection of information that has been organized to provide efficient retrieval.  At PolarData we can assist in designing a structured database that can be efficient as well as compliant with today's standards.

Domain Registration

If you need a domain name secured we can help.  Your domain name is a unique web address that you will use for marketing, communicating and identifying your business.  We will register your domain name and configure the account in your name.

Graphic Design

Unique digital media expressing your message and vision on the web.  Branded imagery that illustrates your professionalism and helps people relate to your company.  We can provide skilled assistance in all graphic areas.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the process of optimizing your website with the standards and criteria that the Search Engine company has identified.  As well as the continuous modification and measurement of those standards and rankings.

Website Administration

Whether you have a static website or a Content Managed website we can help in administering content and the day to day management of the site.  Whether you are changing imagery or updating patches and fixes to various modules we can help.