IT Services

Annual Budgets and Planning

Understanding hardware, software and labour costs and implementing strategies to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.

Asset Management

Complete documentation that identifies all company computing assets allowing future component replacement planning and pertinent warranty information.

Break and Fix Service

Some organizations do not require maintenance but do need a helping hand from time to time in resolving a computing issue.  We do provide peace of mind via break fix services for those clients.


Looking for strategic IT advice and information in terms you can easily understand? If you just have a question or need help with future products or service planning we can help.

Data Migration

There are many reasons why organizations perform data migrations.  Some businesses migrate because a new and more improved product has come to market.  Some companies migrate data because a vendor will no longer be marketing, selling or sustaining a particular product and may be ending support for the product.

Disaster Recovery Planning

As technology changes so do the requirements for disaster recovery. Your data and power requirements grow and require continuous attention. Protecting your data is priority number one for PolarData.

Documentation and Review

Your complete computing environment should be documented including details that are mission critical to cost savings.  Maintaining this documentation could be the difference between success and failure.

Hardware Replacement

There are several strategies to hardware replacement.  Replacing under warranty, planned and budgeted hardware replacement, hardware replacement without data migration and hardware replacement with data storage destroyed.

Investigation and Reporting

Temperamental, inconsistent problems can sometimes be extremely frustrating. Finding resolution and maintaining a stable and reliable result can be accomplished through systematic investigation and reporting.  Also, understanding why something is happening can be instrumental in identifying a preventative solution.

On Site Technical Support

Whether in a break fix environment or proactive maintenance we can provide professional knowledgeable technicians that can communicate and assist.

Remote Technical Support

Secure remote connectivity provides immediate response to a potential problem or timely requests for work to be completed.

Support Packages

Support packages are prepaid blocks of time that are used for proactive ongoing support. You must have managed services with us to keep your support package active. Support packages are non-refundable and are not transferrable.

Network Monitoring

Advanced notifications about possible problems, performance metrics, data and network stability.

*All monthly services require 30 days cancellation notice.